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30 for 30!

What does this mean, you ask?  It means a time of celebration for 3 decades of Rabbi Akselrad! How will we do that?  At his 30th Rosh Hashanah service at CNT, of course! During the last 15 minutes of Rosh Hashanah morning services, we have an awesome tribute and very touching short activity planned so you will definitely want to stay for that.  But first...we have a memory book to create over the next month and a half in order to present it that day.  
This is where you come in...with your words and your photos.  Below is an outline of different sizes for the memory book items. Take a look.  Pick your size.  Send in your words & photos with a few extra shekels and that’s it!  We will present the book to him during the celebration on Rosh Hashanah morning.  I will ask that this effort though does not affect your Kol Nidre pledges that you so devotedly give this time of year.  That money is critical to CNT so we need to stay whole there.  This is an “extra” to honor our wonderful Rabbi and all that he means to us.  

First and Last Name

30 for 30! Memory Book Pricing

1/4 Page - One Horizontal or Vertical Photo and up to 110 Words

Words Only - up to 75 Words

1/2 Page - Up to 3 Photos and up to 130 Words (or less photos and more words)

Full Page (as much as we can fit)

Center Section of Book Full Page

Inside Front or Back Cover Full Page

Questions? Call Rachel Raskin at 702-733-6292 x 208

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